IU Families Association
Founded 1948
Our History
Christ Church I.U. is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1766 - Construction of first brick church at I. U. Crossroads named St. Peters at I. U. First rector appointed.
1768 - Call sent out for parishioners to purchase pews in church, church consecrated, and services begun at Easter
1780 - Chester Parish vestrymen, whose parish church is at I. U., take part in first post-war convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland held at Chestertown. Dr. William Smith appointed rector of Chester Parish (until 1789) (In 1782, Dr. Smith became the first president of Washington College)
1805 - Francis Cann establishes a school at I. U. which continues for an unspecified period of time
1814 - Battle of Caulk's Field. American forces led by General Philip Reed, whose grave is in I. U. cemetery
1830 - Church has fallen into ruin. Benjamin Howard buys bricks to use in construction of dwelling
1855 - A committee is formed to build a new church at I. U.
1860 - The Reverend George Stokes reports concerning the rebuilding of I. U. at the Protestant Episcopal Convention "a churchlike building, free seats, and a flourishing congregation gathered in three years." New church is named "Christ Church I. U."
1861 - Second church (present building) consecrated by the Right Reverend W. R. Whittingham
1862 - I. U. congregation applies forĀ and is granted permission to designate a new " I. U. Parish"
1863 - The metes and bounds of the new parish are established upon formal approval of the church convention
1874-1881 - First period of rectorship of the Reverend Sewell S. Hepburn
1877 - Land and house adjoining church property bought (records indicate house was built long before 1774)
1892-1906 - Period of Reverend Christopher T. Denroche's rectorship
1911-1926 - Wall built around churchyard and grounds renovated and put in order. Memorial cairn "To The Unknown Dead" erected from uninscribed gravestones gathered in yard "about 1925"
1948 - The I.U. Families Association is founded to preserve I. U. church properties
1966 - I. U. is 200 years old - bicentennial celebration on the second Sunday of September